Hey! I'm Heather!

If you couldn't tell already, I am a lover of the in between moments. You know, the ones where you think no one is watching? The kiss on the neck, the touching of the hair, the sniffing of the baby's forehead. Those kind of moments.

I adore brand new squishy, wrinkly babies. Their instinct to latch on to their mama the minute they are Earth side. The look in a mothers eyes as she breathes in her precious new child. That is the kind of stuff I love to capture. There is nothing so special.

I'm also a number one fan of all things love. Watching two people vow to each other to stay for life. Witnessing the beginning of forever for people is amazing! Photography is so much more than snapping a picture. I want you to FEEL what you see when you get your images. You should be able to look back on the photos I took and feel exactly how you felt in that moment. Emotion can be suspended in time, and I'm there to capture it.

Outside of photography I have 3 lovely boys at home that keep me always on my toes! I've been blessed with the best husband on the planet. He is my best friend and loudest cheerleader. I couldn't do life without him!

Most of all, I am an avid lover and follower of Jesus who deserves all glory for this business. I strive to honor Him in all I do.

So let's make some amazing memories together!

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Facebook page: Heather Meyer Photography

Phone number 605.595.7971

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