Well hello there, welcome back to my blog! If you're here that means you've booked a family session or you're thinking about it. There are different kinds of family sessions but I focus primarily on lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography is something special my friends. It captures you and your family in the purest form. It's just you being you- and that is the best way to be. This kind of photography makes you feel things. It makes you stop and stare for a bit because you feel like you're right there with those people. Let me share more with you about why this style is so good for family sessions!

Lifestyle Photography

A lifestyle session is different from others because of the way these photos are taken. Typically, when you look at family pictures, you see a sweet family staged in different poses that captures the family. Lifestyle photography is different. While I always get a few of the perfectly posed, everyone looking and smiling pictures ( I call those money shots!), I spend a lot of time having you interact with each other! I have you snuggle up next to each other, hug, laugh, and just be who you guys are! These photos truly capture your family because they show raw emotion. You can see it in the way parents look at each other when they get close, or the way the kiddos laugh with each other. The emotions you feel when you look at a lifestyle family session are undeniable. They capture your attention and make you want to sit a while with them and take it all in.

Organic & Natural

The best way I can personally desribe lifestyle photography is organic and natural pictures. I want to photograph organic moments with your family that would happen naturally. Posed and staged has it's place - but my heart is with the organic flow between you and your family. This is why I love it so much! I get to feel the joy and love radiate from your family while capturing such sweet moments. These photos invite you in and ask you if you want to chat for a bit. These photos have stories to tell. Stories between siblings growing up together, stories of two parents looking at the family they created and love so much, and most importantly- stories of a life that has been lived. When you choose lifestyle photography, you choose pictures that never grow old. Pictures that will forever capture some of the sweetest moments life gives us.

Lifestyle photography is so sweet when it's used in a family setting. It captures real-life interactions between you and your family. Those sweet little moments you have to hang on to forever. These are the pictures that tell stories of who your family is. You can see true relationships and love through a lifestyle session. So, when you're scheduling your family session, take time to think about the style you want for these photos. Think about the stories you want to tell for the years to come. Lifestyle photography just might be the best choice for you!