What is a Branding Session and Why do I need it? Knoxville Family Photographer

Updated: Sep 4

Hey friends! If you are here, my guess is you are curious about a Branding session. What exactly is it? Why do I need it? While I am a family photographer here in Knoxville Tennessee, I do also offer Branding sessions! And I LOVE them! Here is a little about what they are, and why you need to do one if you own a business!

  • You've got one shot to make a great impression. Have you ever gone to a website you were excited to check out just to be confronted with mediocre images? Pictures matter! When someone finds your business whether it is through Instagram, Facebook or online, the first thing they see will make an impression. You want your images to stand out and look professional! I know, I know. You've got a great camera on your phone, or you have an old camera at home. Trust me when I tell you, put the those things away. What you need is a professional to come out and take amazing pictures of you and your products. These images matter!

  • Your clients want to know you! While people may initially be drawn to your website by what you offer, they really want to know YOU! Take Instagram for instance. People are more interested in watching stories than they are in the squares. People desire connection, and to know people. Your Branding Session is an opportunity to tell who you are. It allows you to showcase your personality, in a beautiful and professional way. It almost makes people feel like they kinda know you, before they meet you.

  • Your Brand has a story worth telling. During your Branding Session we will unfold this story and show your clients-or potential clients-exactly what your Brand is. This session is so much more than just images of yourself! Images are a very captivating and effective tool to showcase what people can expect from you.

  • Lastly, the sky is the limit! There are so many things you can do with your Branding Images - website, social media, emails, business cards and so much more! Branding Sessions are really a way to create content for you to have a professional, strong image that will show the world exactly who you are and what you do. People are drawn to people who know exactly who they are and what they represent!

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