When is the best time to take family pictures? Knoxville family photographer

Updated: Sep 4

I absolutely love being a family photographer here in Knoxville Tennessee. Although I many in-home family sessions, there is nothing like catching that sunset in the mountains or so many of the beautiful parks Knoxville has to offer. People often ask the question, "What time of day is best for taking pictures outdoors?" The answer is within 2 hours of sunrise or sunset. Unless it is a cloudy day (which can be hard to predict) I will rarely schedule photo sessions in the middle of the day, and never at noon.

I want your images to come out the absolute best! My goal is for your pictures to draw you in with the feeling they give. And lighting is so important for this! The sun setting (or rising) behind you creates the perfect lighting that doesn't cause harsh shadowing or whiteness on your face that shooting in the middle of the day will. In contrast, it gives the photos an intimate almost romantic feel. Whether it is a session for your wedding, family, maternity or just the littles, golden hour is where it's at!

I understand that sometimes your schedule doesn't allow for evening sessions - that's ok! Morning time, before the bright sun has reached the top, is the next best option. I have done several sessions in the morning that still turn out beautifully. I will always work with you and accommodate your schedule if the evening just does not work for you.

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