Hi, I am Heather, and I am so glad you're here.

I am a story teller in East Tennessee who loves to capture people wildly in love. Whether that means hiking to the top of a mountain for you to exchange vows, kissing under the sunset in a field, or bringing home your new baby, I want to freeze that moment in time for you. Story telling for me needs to be real. Those in between moments are where it's at. If you love emotive and raw images that you can feel, then stick around and I hope we can be friends.

The Man Side

Meet the muscle of Heather Meyer Photography, Justin. He spends most of his time at weddings with the guys. He doesn't just capture the guys getting ready, he takes his time to get to know them! He loves meeting people, putting them at ease and putting a smile on their face. Once the busy-ness of a wedding day has kicked in, you'll see him assisting me in numerous ways! Believe it or not, he and I have been flirting with each other for over 20...years. Saying that is weird being that it's more than half of my life. We love being together and getting to be a creative team, so it only made sense for him to jump in and do this thing along side me! He absolutely completes this company with his love for people. You can almost guarantee you'll catch him making best friends with your dad, uncle or grandpa at your wedding with this smile stuck on his face.

Husband and wife team

A bit about me outside of work

Justin and I have been married after being high school sweet hearts, now for 15 years. I am the mother of 3 wild and handsome boys who have stolen my heart to never return it. While Tennessee has my heart and is our home, we are originally from the great plains of South Dakota.

Faith is not just a part of our lives, but the driving point of it. I love Jesus because He first loved me. And out of that comes my love for His people. Serving and loving people was etched in my core. You will most likely find me running about on your big day meeting everyone's needs, because being an Enneagram 2, I can't help myself!

I am a firm believer in retail therapy, cannot function without my daily dose(s) of coffee and live for a good girls night. I can't wait to learn about you, and become friends!

Here are some kind things said by my clients.



Heather and Justin were our photographers for our wedding. They are the most genuine, kind people. My husband and I had never met them until the day of our wedding, and we loved them instantly. Heather brings a sense of peace with her which is perfect to have for such a special day. One of our guys in the bridal party forgot their belt at home, and Justin didn’t even hesitate to give his own belt to our friend. They are such a great team and truly made our entire wedding party have a blast taking pictures.