Welcome back to my blog! Today I am featuring not only a gorgeous wedding, but a new wedding venue in the heart of East Tennessee. There are so many pieces of this venue that can complete the wedding look you're going for! The Barn at Maple Creek is not your regular barn wedding- this is a barn wedding for the chic vintage bride. For the bride who wants a farmhouse touch but also something a little more! Keep scrolling to see how this venue can cater to any bride. They have a wall of doors, bridal and groom suites, and all the vintage chairs and couches you could imagine. Take a look and see how this venue is perfect for any couple!

Let's talk bridal and groom suites-a dream! These suites provide plenty of light to make your photos pop. The perfect amount to really bring these photos together. This is so important because these are the photos with the people closest to you. You see two people who love each other getting ready for the rest of their lives together! The time a momma sees her little girl in her wedding dress all put together for the first time. The first time a dad looks at his son and sees a man who is about to be a husband. These are the memories you need to capture of this big day! These suites are made for the sweet moments.

Another great part of this venue is the pond outside. It's a great addition because it adds so much life to the background of your photos. This spot is perfect for first looks with your dad, and with your partner! A good place to capture bridal shots, and the details of your wedding look.

Moving on to the ceremony area. First of all, this outdoor ceremony patio is one for the books- it's timeless. Any style of wedding can take place here! You can go for farmhouse, chic, modern, or vintage. The brick mantle can be styled however you'd like and it creates something out of this world. Just a little piece of this venue that can truly bring your whole wedding day together.

Now for my favorite parts of this venue! They have the cutest vintage couches that stand out in your photos! In one area, they have mirrors covering the wall that works so well for bridal shots. The outdoor patio is surrounded by a modern, wooden fence and makes a great backdrop for family photos and bridal party photos. When you're outside, you come to my favorite part- the hanging umbrellas! This tiny detail makes the biggest difference in a photo. The kind of detail that makes you want to look a little longer. Adding magical moments to a venue can create such a lasting impression for years to come.

The Barn at Maple Creek is truly one that makes you stop and stare for a while. This was my first wedding at this venue and I am so excited to hopefully work here again one day. Sam and Lilly made this day so special for me. The perfect couple to get married here. For years to come, these pictures will forever grab at their hearts and make them think of the beautiful place they chose to have their big day.