When Should I Book My Engagement Photos?

First of all, congrats! If you’re reading this, you’re either recently engaged or you and your partner are getting close to tying the knot. So many couples get engaged and start to feel overwhelmed by the wedding planning process. Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there and I’ve also helped so many of my clients. It’s easy to fall into analysis paralysis so I’m here to give you actionable steps on what comes next!

A big milestone in your planning process is taking engagement photos. It’s such a beautiful season of anticipation awaiting your big day and a milestone that I absolutely recommend capturing. A question I get asked all the time is: When should we take our engagement photos? I decided to write this blog to help you find an ideal time for you! There’s no set-in-stone rule for when your engagement photos should take place, but here are a few guidelines to help you decide what works best for you.

Match the Season

The most ideal time to choose for your engagement photos is the same season that your wedding will fall within. Some couples have this option if their wedding is about a year out; However, some plan with less time. If you are getting married next October, then I suggest a beautiful fall session the year prior. This is probably the most commonly used method for deciding. 


For other couples that don’t have this option, maybe you’re planning 4-6 months out and don’t have an ideal time that will fall within the same season, I recommend picking a time of year that the weather or crowd levels will be the most ideal. You can always discuss this with your photographer to see if they have any particular recommendations. You may have a window of time where there will be cooler temperatures, making for a more comfortable and ideal experience.

Pick Your Purpose

Another factor you can consider is when you’d like to send out Save the Dates or Wedding Invites. If you plan to use some of the photos from your engagement session in either of these options, you’ll want to make sure you have them in time. Couples typically send out Save the Dates about 8 to 12 months prior to the wedding date or 6 to 8 weeks prior for Wedding Invites. You can also print a few canvases of your favorites to have at your guest table, in a slideshow, or in a guest book. If you want to use them for social media, you’ll have more flexibility. It’s your special day so feel free to play around with different ideas.

Go For It (Soon!)

If you just got engaged, you don’t have to wait to take your engagement photos! You can totally take them shortly after the proposal and I recommend it! There’s a glow and excitement that comes with this fresh new season you’re in. As your photographer, I help you choose a location and outfits so you’ll show up looking and feeling great. 

Make It Your Own

Maybe you just want some fun photos of you and your special someone and it doesn’t matter when. Engagement photos are a great way to get to know your photographer, spend some time in front of the camera, and create tangible memories to hold onto. It’s always fun to dress up, play around with hair and makeup ideas, and decide what you’ll do with the photos later. Maybe you’re more carefree and just want to take it moment-by-moment. If that’s you, go for it!

I hope you’ve found these guidelines to be helpful for you in deciding what time of year will be best for your engagement photos. As always, don’t be afraid to break the rules and do what’s true to you and your special someone. Whatever your vision is, I’m happy to help you along the way. Feel free to reach out and we can start planning today!