The question of whether or not to do a first look at your wedding is one of the biggest challenges for some couples. It feels like such a big decision to make, and it is! In almost all cases I recommend all of my couples to do a first look. There are a number of reasons, and I'm going to share them with you! What's really cool is that a first look isn't just limited to you and your babe. It can be with your dad, mom, wedding party, grandparents, siblings, the list is endless. I'm going to share some of those sweet moments with you today too! But the focus of this blog is to highlight what I love about a first look between the bride and groom, and why I think you should add it into your big day. So let's get into it!

First Look Jitters

One thing we all know for certain is wedding days are full of the jitters! After all, it is the day you get to marry your best friend-the day you become one. And while this is the most excited thing ever, it can also be nerve -racking! This is the number one reason I recommend my couples to do a first look. This allows you guys to see each other before everyone else sees you! A moment for you to shake off those nerves and jitters with the person you love right in front of you! It gives you the time to take a moment to calm each other down and just spend a little bit of special time together before the ceremony. After your first look you can look at each other and say "We got this!"

Smooths the Timeline

The timeline is so important to your day. Nothing can derail a perfect day like a crammed timeline. I love helping you put together your timeline according to what is important to YOU! You want things to run smooth and everyone to feel relaxed! A first look helps smooth out your timeline and gives you more time before the ceremony to take pictures. After the first look you're able to get pictures with the two of you and your wedding parties together. This means after the ceremony you'll only need to take pictures with your families then go right into your grand entrance as a couple to the reception!

Just The Two of You

My favorite part of a first look is the intimate moment between two people who love each other so dearly! This is a moment where you get to connect with each other before the ceremony and take a deep breath. A first look gives me the opportunity to capture just the two of you with genuine reaction and emotion. It's my absolute favorite! Capturing this intimate moment will be one of your most favored parts of the day. I know I look back on these photos and I'm flooded with emotion just knowing how sweet this really is. When you take time to celebrate just the two of you beforehand, it creates something so intimate and special. After all, that's what this day is all about-those sweet little in between moments. And this is on the top of that list! I say all of that, but also want to add- if waiting until you walk down the isle is important to you, then ROCK THAT CHOICE! I do many weddings where the couple chooses not to do a first look, and that's ok! This is your big day, I'm just here to help. Whatever you choose, your wedding will be magical and I hope to be a part of it!