So you're wondering if you need to book a bridal session with your wedding photographer, and you aren't sure if you need one. Let me tell you what they are and why you definitely need one! Bridal sessions are simply beautiful. It's a time when the bride and photographer get to focus on the details of just you, the bride. This allows us to get all those details of you dress, and let you really shine! These are unique sessions because they usually take place before your wedding day and in whatever location you'd like! When you book one of these sessions, you have the ability to create whatever kind of scene you want. You can run through flower fields barefoot or take them in a place that means a lot to you. These sessions can bring your bridal dreams to life and give you something special to add to your wedding collection. Keep scrolling to learn more about why I recommend a bridal session for all of my brides!

Timing & Focus

These sessions are all about the freedom to focus solely on the bride! It gives both the photographer and bride enough time to capture every pose that they would like. Scheduling your session before your wedding day is always a good idea with bridal portraits. This session gives the bride a stress-free session where you're able to focus on creating something beautiful. When you book a bridal session, you are also able to pick the perfect time to capture your look! You can choose an early morning sunrise session or a dreamy golden hour session. The freedom with these sessions means you get to pick the perfect time and place to capture your wedding look in whatever way you can imagine!

Location & Setup

This is the best part of a bridal session! When you choose to have a bridal session you're able to pick the location and setup. Meaning, you can pick a place that would look iconic with your wedding look. This can be a field of flowers, an old warehouse, anything you can imagine. These sessions can be as extravagant as you'd like, or as down to earth as you'd like! If you want to add props such as a bouquet or a beautiful vintage chair- you can! That is the beauty of bridal sessions, they give you the space to create your dream session. When you're able to pick the location and the setup of a session, you get to add a more personal touch to your bridal session. You create something that fully encapsulates the look YOU want!

Accessories & Details

On your wedding day, your photographer will absolutely capture the details or your bridal look. When you book a bridal session, you are giving your photographer the chance to focus solely on the details of you and you only! This is the session where you can get detail shots of each piece of your bridal look. Not only do you want pictures of your whole bridal look, but I want to capture your shoes, veil, rings, any additional detail you choose to add to your wedding look. I mean, after all this is a big moment for you and you want to capture every bit of it! Also, wedding gowns are not cheap, so I always say get the most out of it and get these portraits to really let that dress have a moment to shine! The photos from a bridal session are key to making sure you have plenty of pictures of a look you never want to forget. A look that you've been planning for months- why not book a bridal and make sure those pictures are taken care of?

When you ask "Should I Book a Bridal Session?" my answer will always be yes! I love these sessions because they give me the opportunity to really focus on the bride and the details of one of the most special moments of their life. Brides spend a lot of time picking out the perfect dress and accessories, and I want to capture those details! These sessions give both the bride and I the chance to make their dreams a reality. You get to pick the perfect place and time to give you those photos that will forever capture your iconic wedding look.