The Golden Hour Glow

When you book a session, no matter what it is for, you immediately think about what time you're going to do it. Many people aren't sure about different lighting techniques when it deals with working behind the camera, so I am here to help you choose the perfect time to capture your sweet family! I always tell my clients that golden hour is the best hour! This is the time when the sun is starting to set and everything around you looks a bit more beautiful. This is the time to take your pictures! That golden hour glow is just so beautiful and gives your photos such a soft look. Keep scrolling to see the sweetest family session during golden hour and learn more about how golden hour really takes it up a notch with your photos!

Why Golden Hour?

There are so many reasons to choose to have your session during golden hour! I choose golden hour for most of my sessions because this is when people are most comfortable! The sun is still shining but not directly on you or in your eyes. During the summer months it's especially nice, because the heat starts to cool down and you can feel good in the clothes you're wearing, When you look at this family session, you can see how everyone is happy and comfortable. The major reason I choose golden hour for most of my sessions is its pure beauty! I mean...look at the glow on this family! When you have a session at other points in the day they can be too bright and create harsh lighting and shadowing on your face. But when the sun is beginning to drop it is behind you like a soft spot light, bringing you into focus and creating a gorgeous ambiance. Golden hour brings out so much color in your surroundings and yourselves. No matter the angle, this glow has got your back! You can play with the light in so many ways- which gives you plenty of different pictures to choose from!

When you choose golden hour for your family session, you are creating such special pictures. They have a special kind of warmth. It's like that glow represents more than the suns presents. It invites you to sit and look at the picture a little longer. It feels more intimate, fun and connected. Lighting matters more than you may think. I love taking an ordinary setting, and letting the sun pouring on my beautiful clients create magic together.