As a family and lifestyle photographer, I am frequently asked questions about what to wear to a session- especially a family session! This can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Do not fear, because I have some tips for you when you're planning your outfits for your upcoming family session. Whether it is outside, inside, fall or spring, I am here to help! This blog post will focus on ways to help you plan your outfits accordingly so your pictures will feel timeless in the years to come!

Coordination is Key

I always tell my clients to coordinate their outfits. Now, this doesn't mean everyone needs to wear to same colors, or where matching shirts or outfits. You want to incorporate colors that look good with one another and are in the same color pallet without being too 'matchy'. Think about shades and tones that compliment you and your family well! You want to consider where your session is and make sure your clothes aren't blending in with your background as well! Contrast is your friend-you want your family to stand out!

Prints and Characters

When planning out what to wear, I urge my clients to avoid overly branded clothing or clothing that is too casual. I want to see my clients comfortable in what they are wearing but also be the best version of themselves. When wearing prints or overly branded clothes, (think spider man light up shoes or Starwars tee-shirts) it takes away from the portrait and makes you look directly at the clothing you have on. Wearing something that is timeless will allow your family portraits to be beautiful decades from now!


The number one question I am asked is "What colors should we wear?" My answer to that is neutral colors! Neutral colors are always the best option when it comes to a family session. This way you can play with every element of your background without clashing with the outfits you have on. Wearing neutral colors allows people to look at you- not the clothes you have on. They are directed to your family's sweet love and joy. Some examples of neutrals would be whites, creams, tans, denim of all shades, browns, greys and blacks. If you want a pop of color I always suggest burnt orange, burgundy, muted blue or pale pink. Some colors can be really harsh or cast hues on to skin so I usually try to avoid them.

Bringing it all Together

This family session melted my heart! I love it so much because you can see the love and joy radiating out of them. They wore neutral and muted colors which looks absolutely stunning on them and allows me the focus to really fall on their faces. They were comfortable and they could move freely and snug up to each other you can see! With a family session, that's what it's all about- being confident, comfortable and happy. When you apply these tips, you are able to look back on your family photos from whatever year and feel like it was just yesterday when those photos were taken. It's all about reliving these moments. These are photos you can hang on your walls and admire for years, photos that give you a piece of history and a story to tell.